SUB.ITA project, curated by Teatro Magro – in collaboration with Progetto Sprar Enea in Mantua and supported by Fondazione Alta Mane and Comune di Mantova – features a group of around 50 immigrants and asylum seekers taken into local services’ care in Mantua and its peripheral area in a path of socio-cultural integration.

The project, through an artistic and theatrical research, wishes to promote social integration by giving value to cultural identity as a resource and favouring the rooting in the local area of those who live in fragile conditions.

Now more than ever the cultural entities of the city want to raise the citizens’ awareness of reception and immigration using unconventional languages. Thanks to a well consolidated dialogue with SIPROIMI_Sprar Enea project and with Comune di Mantova it was possible to start a series of activities developed throughout 2021: the theatre production of the immigration topic directed by Flavio Cortellazzi “V.VISITORS”, with the participation of 13 actors and performers from Italy, Romania, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Cameron and Nigeria. The production had its debut on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th June 2021 at Arci Tom (Mantua) within the scope of the World Migrant and Refugee Day. The show was then replayed at Santarcangelo Festival on Sunday 18th July 2021. Moreover, an intensive one-week theatre workshop took place in August 2021 in collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Te. In order to involve citizens, there have also been a series of “non-guided tours”, aggregative walks in the city centre on four Sundays of September and October 2021. Lastly, a three-days conference/workshop was organised in Rome to bring the project to an end. The project establishes a close collaboration with the Local Associations (Mantova città d’arte, Biblioteca Mediateca Gino Baratta, Arci Mantova Aps, Compagnia Ambasciatore Mama Mia by Samuel Hili, Cooperativa Alce Nero, Associazione Mistery Life, Scuola Senza Frontiere, CPIA _ Centro Provinciale Istruzione Adulti, Refugees Welcome Mantova, Il Cinema del Carbone) and with INCROCI project – “pratiche di scambio e confronto” (media partnership TeatroeCritica), a project developed together with Associazione di promozione sociale Asinitas onlus (Rome), Associazione Culturale Babel (Palermo) and with the support of Fondazione Alta Mane Italia, SCENA UNITA, Fondazione Cesvi, La Musica che Gira and Music Innovation Hub.

With SUB.ITA Teatro Magro embraces Fondazione Alta Mane Italia’s mission of supporting projects aimed to the improvement of life and health conditions of people in extreme social distress situations through assistance programs linked to the artistic experience and directed to their psychophysical recovery and social inclusion. This choice lies on the belief that there is a strong synergy between artistic experience and therapeutic-rehabilitative process and social reintegration of those living with severe pathologies or in strong marginality. The artistic experience stimulates creativity and expressivity in people, and therefore helps to develop self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of identity, and in many cases, it can arouse deep, healing emotions and energies and trigger important processes of personal and collective change.
Main subjects of the project are Comune di Mantova (with SPRAR ENEA project promoted by the Ministry of the Interior for the reception of asylum seekers and refugees with the aim of winning back the total independence of those who come from forced migrations), SPRAR ENEA Nazionali and Consorzio Progetto Solidarietà (CoProsol).


project manager | Marina Visentini |
info and registration | José Andrés Tarifa Pardo |
photo credits| Barbara Rondini | Zero Beat
video | Roberto Pavani | Zero Beat



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