classes and laboratories 2021.2022
curated by Teatro Magro

All laboratories use theatre techniques suitable for the age of the participants and their ability to work as a group, giving value to each one’s personality and originality and pursuing the following learning outcomes:
• SELF-ESTEEM: theatre as a neutral area in which to express ourselves and to lower barriers and timidities, in order to contribute to the creation or the strengthening of self-motivated personalities;
• SELF-CONTROL: education to the control of our own body, by itself and in space, in gesture and stillness, on its own and in relation to others, with the use of specific exercises and tools to explore differences and similarities with the others’ bodies and to improve the perception of space-time coordinates;
• RELATIONSHIP: team exercises develop a habit of teamworking, making theatre a tool to consolidate interpersonal relationships through group exercises and collective situations;
• DRAMMATISATION: communicating feelings and personal ideas through verbal expression; theatre writing as a new expressive way, free from prejudices and codified rules;
• ASTHETIC CRITICAL SENSE: since theatre doesn’t correspond to attention-seeking behaviour, it is required an ability to observe, to listen, to give a new, imaginative meaning to everyday objects; to look at ourselves in order to be more and more capable of self-evaluating our own performance.

A final demonstration open to the audience is planned at the end of each lab.


Every two months | reduced price* 100,00€ | full price 110,00€
Every four months | reduced price* 185,00€ | full price 205,00€
Annual | reduced price* 355,00€ | full price 395,00€

*reduced price for minors, people over 60, people with disability

All the activities will be carried on in full respect of the applicable sanitary laws.

curated by | Teatro Magro
with the contribution of | Comune di Mantova, Fondazione Cariplo e Dipartimento per le politiche della famiglia della Presidenza del Consiglio dei ministri
with the collaboration of | Pantacon, Associazione Etre, Oltre la siepe, Ospedale Carlo Poma di Mantova – ASST Mantova
operators for| MIUR – Ministero dell’Istruzione Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca, 18app
technical sponsor | Marino Allestimenti
photo credits | Stanislav Sevcenco

info and registrations
Lab@Home: +39 3470860228 | +39 3479755780
further information: 0376 369918


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