Theatre Labs

Theatre Laboratories are one of Teatro Magro’s main activities.
Many are the contexts our operators work in:


labs for schools of every system and grade


theatre labs at our headquarter


special projects tailor-made for specific scopes

The contents and objectives are always adapted to the group. Depending on the type of path to follow, identified by an accurate planning, it is possible to finish the work with a demonstration open to the public.

the border between person and character is weak. it’s interesting to move on the borderline between the two of them.
to do so, the person must know who he/she is, and where.
without awareness there can be no personality. and therefore, no character that has been written or devised by others.
you have to work on yourself. so that you know more about it.
the things we live are interesting per se, life is interesting.
the person and the life he/she lives are show, theatre, scene.
how you move, your facial expression, your voice, your smile. it’s always you.

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