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Teatro Magro has been working in the field of Theatre-School for twenty years, during which it has gained knowledge and expertise useful to support youngsters in their growth with meaningful and cultural activities.
Great importance is given to the theatre operator leading the workshops, who follows a period of on-the-job training with the senior colleagues, and then continues his/her education on the field with the support of periodic monitoring and constant dialogues on the poetic view of the cooperative and the educational approach.
Teatro Magro’s method was born and evolved for the purpose of “pursuing the general interest of the community (…) on human promotion and social integration” (art. 3 Cooperative Statute). Therefore, the Cooperative plans at a local level with Schools of all levels and with public and private institutions, paying close attention to the peripheral areas that are hardly reached by the cultural offer.
Since the s.y. 2021.2022 Teatro Magro joined the Coordinate System for promotion of “creativity topics – theatrical-performative field” in the National System for Education and Training.

All laboratories use theatre techniques suitable for the age of the participants and their ability to work as a group, giving value to each one’s personality and originality and pursuing the following learning outcomes:
• SELF-ESTEEM: theatre as a neutral area in which to express ourselves and to lower barriers and timidities, in order to create strong and self-motivated personalities;
• SELF-CONTROL: education to the control of our own body, by itself and in space, in gesture and stillness, on its own and in relation to others, with the use of specific exercises and tools to explore differences and similarities with the others’ bodies and to improve the perception of space-time coordinates;
• RELATIONSHIP: team exercises develop a habit of teamworking, making theatre a tool to consolidate interpersonal relationships;
• DRAMMATISATION: communicating feelings and personal ideas through verbal expression; theatre writing as a new expressive way, free from prejudices and codified rules;
• ASTHETIC CRITICAL SENSE: since theatre doesn’t correspond to attention-seeking behaviour, it is required an ability to observe, to listen, to give a new, imaginative meaning to everyday objects; to look at ourselves in order to be more and more capable of self-evaluating our own performance.


Since 2009 with the LAIV Project, today LAIVin, promoted by Fondazione Cariplo and targeting the Istituti di Secondo Grado (high schools) in Lombardy, the Mantuan area developed some fruitful experiences of theatre education and more, made both inside and outside schools, with the participation of around 300 students and the collaboration of local cultural operators …



A project addressed to the parent-child couple, born from the will and with the support of Comune di Porto Mantovano. The objectives are: easing the dialogue between schools and families; promote a sense of belonging in students towards their schools; making the act of sharing of educational objectives between schools and families a regular praxis. …

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Theatre workshop introductory to learning foreign languages. The project explores the topic of multilingualism mixing the language of interest of the laboratory with the students’ native ones, in order to encourage a sense of belonging and a territorial identity. To the present day, the following schools joined the project: Istituti Redentore in Mantua; Scuole dell’Infanzia, …



This theatre workshop for moving bodies aims to facilitate the expression and communicative strength of the body, guiding the students at the discovery of their own physical style. By shifting the attention away from words, it is possible to develop alternative ways of expressing ourselves and telling our own story with body language. Theatre work …

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Teatro Magro also creates integrated theatre classes in collaboration with local social health structures, with the following objectives: encourage those who usually struggle to be recognised; point out the capacity of people with disabilities to express meaningful contents; give value to diversity as a creative source. In this scope was born, in line with …



“In Cattedra” started in reply to the needs of distance learning, in order to deal with topics such as the inhomogeneous distribution of knowledge and the gap in education levels. The project included the live streaming of: • 4 reruns of the show “A Menadito” for: Liceo Classico e Linguistico Virgilio in Mantua; Istituto P.A. …

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Teatro Magro promotes the collaboration between cultural organisations and educational establishments, by hosting projects of work placement to educate students to a better knowledge of the professional cultural processes. An example is Alternanza Civica e Creatività project, supported by Fondazione Cariverona and in collaboration with CO-Mantova, COprogettare ALternanza Collaborativa, Pantacon, Liceo Artistico Giulio Romano and …



Teatro Magro is registered as operator for 18 App, a web application that allows those turning 18 years old in 2018 to obtain 500€ to be spent on vouchers for cinema, music and concerts, cultural events, books, museums, monuments and parks, theatre and dance, music, theatre or foreign languages classes.

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