Nuovo Pubblico Esercizio


Nuovo Pubblico Esercizio project was coordinated by Teatro Magro Cooperativa Sociale o.n.l.u.s. and realised in partnership with Comune di Asola, Comune di Castiglione delle Stiviere, Comune di Cavriana, Comune di Guidizzolo and Comune di Medole.

It aimed to raise awareness, encourage and accompany the audience towards the fruition of the cultural offer existing in the area and beyond it, through actions focused and planned in a network perspective, starting from the creation of a coordination among some centres in the High Mantuan area endowed with consolidated structures for theatre and that already have a wide and various cultural offer.

The project focused less on increasing the offer, and more on detecting the demand, even when potential and unspoken, leaning on the steady relationship between the activities of the proponent and the local area, and creating a network of operative synergies among all the interested subjects in the area.

During the 20 months of the project (1st January 2013 – 31st August 2014) Teatro Magro called for:

• structured workshop activities distributed in the schools of the city partners;
• actions of accompaniment of the audience to the fruition of high-level shows and events offered by the Seasons and Festivals planned in the cities and towns of the reference area, on the Lombard territory and in the extra-regional field.

• Facilitating the cultural demand increase through processes aimed to audience engagement;
• Growing the fruition of cultural events and theatre ones in particular, through educational processes destined to schools, operators, associations and local communities;
• Spreading good practices for cultural promotion, different from an innovative approach supported by digital technologies and new communication languages;
• Facilitating social cohesion of local communities and in particular of the most fragile categories that are more exposed to the risk of stepping away from cultural spaces;
• Promoting the Theatre Seasons and the event planning of the project partner cities with reinforcing actions;
• Offering youngsters chances to aggregate and to live culturally meaningful experiences through a guided attendance of the performing art venues;
• Encouraging ways of sustainable mobility for cultural fruition in order to promote a different and innovative way of reaching performing art venues.


Nuovo Pubblico Esercizio

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