MN My Nature


MN My Nature – Citizens regain possession of nature” funded by the Cariverona Foundation through the HABITAT call, with the Municipality of Mantua as leader in partnership with Alkémica, Teatro Magro and the Padano Agriforestal Consortium.

The project aims to restore a relationship between human and nature, improving the conditions of physical, mental, economic and social well-being of the inhabitants of our cities, through active involvement, environmental education and the use of urban green areas.
Teatro Magro will create some ecology awareness activities, working both in the school environment and in direct contact with citizens. The activities will take place over two years in collaboration with Alkémica.

Spring 2022
Interactive performative interventions in schools
The classes will be involved in meetings in which the children will become the protagonists of a themed gala party, during which they will be able to attend a theatrical performance focused on ecological issues. This will help them develop an aware and up-to-date ecological attitude.

Summer 2022
Performative event in the historic center of the city
Citizens will be involved in a great event, scheduled for an entire weekend, which will include the construction of a large cage inhabited by performers-birds, symbolic of the fauna population of the Mantuan lakes.

Spring / Summer 2023
Animation of nature walks
In collaboration with Alkémica
In spring, students will be accompanied by Alkémica on a series of walks to discover Mantua’s urban and periurban natural heritage. The actors of Teatro Magro will join these paths with theatrical interventions aimed at emphasizing the most important aspects of the project. The goal is to extend the perspective to the most relevant historical and cultural values ​​and contributing to the formation of an explicit link between ecology and culture.
The same type of activity will be carried out in the summer for all citizens, with theatrical courses and activities suited to the difference in audience.

MN My Nature

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