L.E.N.T.O. – L’Esperienza Necessaria al Turista che Osserva


LENTO is a slow pace experience between two places of art, worship and history in the Mantuan area, with all the time needed to enjoy every moment of the path. LENTO was born from a complex planning developed around the material and immaterial culture of a specific area of the Mantuan province, under several months of observation by the partners who contributed each with its own particular sensitivity. This diversity of points of views, that completed the narration of the chosen place, is exactly what makes LENTO a rich and multi-faceted project: from oral folk tradition to historical and monumental places, from food and wine with their identifying strength to pilgrims’ faith, from the Pianura’s biodiversity to the art inspired by it.

The path, that draws out of eight circular steps from San Benedetto Po to Grazie di Curtatone village – included in the circuit of the Borghi più Belli d’Italia (Most Beautiful Villages in Italy) –, is both an alternative experience to rediscover our historical, artistic and naturalistic heritage, and a slow and aware reply to the moment we are living in, with cancelled trips and difficult mobility. Viable on foot or by bike, the route can also include fluvial navigation for some steps. For each route significant spots, curiosities and refreshment points are marked, with a description made by the partners that covered each route beforehand.

In the scope of the project, Teatro Magro creates interventions of theatre animation included in many steps of the whole route. Actors specifically prepared incarnate relevant characters of the history and the folklore of the area, with the help of costumes recalling the described times with an eye to contemporaneity and of the wonderful places they work in, that act like scenarios and complete them.
For LENTO’s first edition, Teatro Magro also collaborated with Giorgio Gabrielli to the production of “PGR – Per Grazia Ricevuta”, a theatre and puppets show that runs through the Mantuan folklore combining the sacred and the profane.

Started in August 2020, in 2021 LENTO continue sas a slow, aware, sweet and sustainable touristic offer, in order to start again in this new times we live in.


first edition | August 2020
a project by | Pantacon
partners | Cooperativa Charta, Zero Beat, Alkémica, Teatro Magro, Alce Nero, Mantova Bike Experience, Studioventisei, Società Cooperativa Aedo, Comune di San Benedetto Po, Comune di Curtatone
with the support of | Regione Lombardia
info | +39 327 185 37409 | eventi@pantacon.it | www.lentosaraitu.it ARCHETIPO Tour – Un fiume di storia

ARCHETIPO Tour means to revive the attractive capacity of the Mantuan Oltrepò area (evaluated as Riserva MAB UNESCO Commissione Nazionale Italiana Unesco) by getting some leverage on the archaeological heritage, to be rediscovered in immersive, interactive, participative ways. By the use of augmented reality, educational workshops, performances, expositive re-readings, these experiential proposals integrate to the touristic establishments on the axis of the Po river and its Mantuan tributaries.

The offer is groundbreaking from its strategic choice of bringing the archaeological sites back to a chain destined to the creation and marketing of tour packages. In fact in the past, archaeology in this area was more destined to local dissemination in a cultural way, linked to initiative that could hardly make it outside of the province’s borders. Reviving attraction relies on tools used by professional partners: conjugating the artistic and performative activities, narration and interaction represents the second level of innovation of the project. The third element of novelty is the inclusion in the attractive strategies of augmented reality, that integrates narration, 3D dimension, animation and sound design in one single multimedia language.

Archetipo’s steps expose all the historic tore of knowledge, techniques and arts – included the field of food and wine – developed along the river, while giving relevance to the biodiversity that marks this area of the Pianura Padana. The route develops following the traditional timeline, from the pre-historical finds to contemporary times.
Archetipo wants to intercept a horizontal audience, to increase presence, and most of all to offer a new experiential system for the cultural heritage.

first edition | March – April 2021
curated by | SAP società archeologica srl, Zero Beat, BEPART, Teatro Magro, Cooperativa Agricola CampaPo, Cooperativa Ai Confini, SIGLA, Sherpa Viaggi, Mantova città d’arte e di cultura, Consorzio Oltrepò Mantovano
with the contribution of | Regione Lombardia (a valere sul POR FESR 2014-2020 ASSE 3 – Obiettivo specifico 3B.2 “CONSOLIDAMENTO, MODERNIZZAZIONE E DIVERSIFICAZIONE DEI SISTEMI PRODUTTIVI TERRITORIALI”, Azioni III.3.b.2.1 e III.3.b.2.2)
info | https://www.archetipotour.it/


L.E.N.T.O. – L’Esperienza Necessaria al Turista che Osserva

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