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From 2010 Teatro Magro runs a space (called HOME) that is rented and responds to the group’s primary needs. The structure is the one of a former mechanical workshop, reassessed and used as offices, warehouse and rehearsal room. The offices are simple and essential, they are the centre of all the management activities of Teatro Magro. The warehouse holds the technical equipment and all the props we use for the performances. The core of our HOME is the rehearsal room: total black and fully equipped, it was conceived to be a free, intimate, versatile space. It can also host special events, such as artistic residences, theatre shows and concerts. In 2016 it was made accessible to public show thanks to a tribune with 36 seats and a safety exit. This allows to host “light” events and shows.
The interregional triennial project 2015-2017 on residencies implementing the Decreto del Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo to the art. 45 “Residenze” introduced activities of artistic residency regarding the promotion and development of the system of artistic residencies such as renewal experiences for creative processes, mobility, national and international artistic dialogue, access increase and demand qualification. With this project, Teatro Magro therefore acted as a promoter of innovation and enrichment for the whole live show system, in view of an educational process for the audience to the contemporary performative languages.

The HOME space became the ideal place for theatre production, also thanks to the exchange and dialogue created between Teatro Magro, the resident artists and the community.

AArtists in residence 2017:

KOLLETTIVO DRAG KING _ progetto “Scusa se faccio schifo”

BIOGRAPHY: Kollettivo Drag King of Teatro Ringhiera was born in 2011 with the aim of analysing, expressing and putting on stage their own “male side”. It is a group of women (but men are welcome too) with various experiences and professions.

It took part in various events and festivals at Teatro Ringhiera in Milan and in other theatrical and non-theatrical contexts, and it has promoted within its members several educational workshops. From 2015 Kolettivo itself organises and leads workshops open to an external audience sharing the experience they developed over time.

ARTISTIC RESIDENCY:n search for a strong critique of that male/female binary opposition that marks the experience of being women today, Kollettivo Drag King offered an insight into the death of men, the end of the masculine.
“I tried and we are still trying to deconstruct stereotypes linked to masculinity in its various forms (the violent, immoral, hypersexual male), to put into question again the power relationships among men and between men and women, in order to reclaim them as our own with that wonderful and synthetic tool that is theatre.” Marcela Serli

Playwright and direction Marcela Serli with Mila Boeri, Cristina Castigliola, Sara D’Ascanio, Giulia Sarah Gibbon, Monica Roveda
PUBLIC MEETING: Sunday 17th September 19.00

OPEN REHARSAL: Sunday 17th September 19.30

PRIMAVERA CONTU – “Personal Landscapes” project

BIOGRAPHY: Primavera Contu is an author and activist. After studying to become an actress, she got closer to the practice of writing in its variations. With an interest in every narrative technique, she is currently focusing on the gender topics, the queer field and intersectionality. The training through her workshops, targeted especially for teenagers, is an essential component of her research process.

ARTISTIC RESIDENCY: “Personal Landscapes” originated form a “what if”, from a reflection on the relationship between individuality and self-representation.
What will happen in the next future, in a society where everything prepares to be custom-made, and the maximum ambition will be to differentiate from every trend in order to express individuality?

The reference imagery is the one of fashion, of the corporate behemoths that influence us, but also of the branding culture that permeates every cultural and social field.
What does individuality become in a world where everyone is desperately in search of their own diversity? How does perception of the self, of the body and of the canons of beauty change? How different is our own representation?

The residency required the participation of youngsters from 15 to 20 years old.

OPEN REHARSAL: Sunday 3rd December 17.30

Artists in residence between October and December 2016:

BIOGRAPHY: Elena Copelli is a performer and choreographer, she graduated at the BSMT (Bologna) and attended the masterclass in Musical Theatre at the Guilford School (London, UK). In 2013 she obtained a triennial High Education diploma in the Cunningham technique, at Fondazione Nazionale della Danza Aterballetto. She took part in several dance and theatre workshops with internationally-famous masters.

ARTISTIC RESIDENCY: For two years she’d been carrying on a research on the transposition of a diary from written to performative form. The research, in addition to relying on words coming to life with the body, wanted to also recreate the mood experienced by those who write and read a diary: the intimacy and complete sincerity that underlie the birth of a diary writing.

RESIDENCY (action A): 13th – 23rd October and 17th – 27th November 2016

WORKSHOP FOR THE PUBLIC (action B): 22nd and 23rd October 2016

OPEN REHARSAL (action C): 26th and 27th November 2016

BIOGRAPHY: Matteo Angius and Riccardo Festa, emerging artists of the Italian scene, met in 2015. A new born line-up that is immediately acknowledged by Festivals and operators. They debut at Fringe Festival in Naples and are then hosted in Drodesera festival and at Short Theatre.

Taking advantage of the contribution of Lorenzo Garozzo, playwriter and theatre trainer, winner of several prizes as young author, the relationship between impromptu creation, inspiration and formal construction of an open text was experimented.

ARTISTIC RESIDENCY: We still live like paralysed, immobilised in a long post-80s era, as if the 90s had never ended. And are maybe the stories we tell, our little stories that we dramatize and make big and cinematographic, what can actually save us? Is the era of dedication, of dreams, utopias and ideals really over? Were there really love, it was there but we had to give it a dramaturgical form, in order to keep on surviving? As if the sense of our stories was all comprised into an adversative “but”.

RESIDENCY (action A): 3rd – 13th November and 8th – 18th December 2016

WORKSHOP (action B): 12th and 13th November 2016

OPEN REHARSAL (action C): 17th and 18th December 2016


Artistic Residencies HOME Space

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