ARCHETIPO Tour aims at reviving the attractiveness of the Mantuan Oltrepò territory (recognized as a MAB UNESCO Reserve) by relying on a new discovery of the archeological heritage through immersive, interactive and captivating ways. Thanks to augmented reality, educational workshops, performances and expositive rereadings, these experiential activities complement each other with the touristic systems of the axis of the Po river and its Mantuan tributaries.

This is an original activity which begins with the strategic choice to trace back the archeological sites in a supply chain meant for the creation and the promotion of the tour packages. Previously, the archeology of the territory was mainly an element designed for local distribution in a cultural key, linked to initiatives that hardly ever went beyond the province. Moreover, relaunching the attractiveness is based on tools shared by professional partners: combining the artistic and performative activities not only to narration but mainly to interaction is the second level of innovation. The third original aspect is the addition of the so-called augmented reality to the strategies of attraction: this model integrates narration, tridimensionality, animation and sound design in the same style.

The stages of Archetipo will lead to the discovery of the historical background of knowledge, arts and crafts – even those in the enogastronomic area – that developed around the river, highlighting the biodiversity that marks this area of the Po valley. The itinerary follows the conventional chronology, beginning from the prehistoric remains up to contemporary age.

Archetipo wants to capture a wide public, increase the participations and most of all promote a new system of experiencing the cultural heritage.


first edition | March – April 2021

curated by | SAP società archeologica srl, Zero Beat, BEPART, Teatro Magro, Cooperativa Agricola CampaPo, Cooperativa Ai Confini, SIGLA, Sherpa Viaggi, Mantova città d’arte e di cultura, Consorzio Oltrepò Mantovano

with the contribution of | Regione Lombardia (a valere sul POR FESR 2014-2020 ASSE 3 – Obiettivo specifico 3B.2 “CONSOLIDAMENTO, MODERNIZZAZIONE E DIVERSIFICAZIONE DEI SISTEMI PRODUTTIVI TERRITORIALI”, Azioni III.3.b.2.1 e III.3.b.2.2)

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