The show “V. Visitors” was selected by AGIS lombarda and Regione Lombardia in the scope of the catalogue of the 21/22 Edition of “Next – Laboratorio delle idee per la produzione e programmazione dello spettacolo lombardo”.

In order to select the show and benefit from the regional grant, all you have to do is fil in the call for planning (bando programmazione) LINEA C HERE.

S H O W with 13 actors and performers from
Italy, Romania, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Cameron and Nigeria.

They had arriVed with 50 gigantic ships
declaring themselVes friends and offering us their secrets
UnconVinced of the Visitors’ intentions, we infiltrated their ranks
and so we discoVered their projects.

We want to oVercome the logic of power between those who Visit and those who are Visited. We want to understand what driVes a Visitor to stay in one place foreVer. We want to ask ourselVes what Value the distance between people has, beyond any physiognomy, language, origin. We want to obserVe the crossing of the border that leads to the inVasion. Who are you standing in front of me, and what do you want from my LIFE. What do I owe you. What do you owe me. You stole something from me. Or I did it, and now you’re here to take back what I depriVed you of. We want to experience the inconsistency of the barrier. We want to inVestigate the sinking of the indiVidual. We want to arriVe at to a final mix. We want to be face to face with you. Look into your eyes and take back what you stole from us. Dark forces obstruct the inVestigation. The only force opposing the Visitors is resistance.


direction| Flavio Cortellazzi
with| Francesca Annibaletti, Noemi Di Liberto, Ousmane Diallo, Diawoye Diarra, Florent Edima, Elia Grassi, Samuel Hili, Lassana Kante, Lorenzo Mirandola, Loveth Olodu, Eduard Popescu, Mohamed Sylla, Agata Torelli
technical direction | Fabio Dorini
coordination | Marina Visentini e José Andrés Tarifa Pardo
production | Teatro Magro, Fondazione Alta Mane Italia, Comune di Mantova in collaborazione con SPRAR di Mantova
The show is part of | Alta Mane Italia, SCENA UNITA, Fondazione Cesvi, La Musica che Gira e Music Innovation Hub
durata | 60 minuti
lingua | italiano

SUB.ITA project, curated by Teatro Magro (with the support of Fondazione Alta Mane, Comune di Mantova and in collaboration of SIPROIMI_ Sprar ENEA Mantova) over three years featured around 50 foreigners, refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers taken in charge by local services in Mantua and its peripheral areas in a programme of socio-cultural inclusion. The project, through an artistic and theatrical research, means to promote social integration by giving value to cultural identity as a resource and facilitating the rooting in the local area of those who live in fragile conditions.

The project establishes a close collaboration with the local Associations of Mantova città d’arte e di cultura, Biblioteca Mediateca Gino Baratta, Arci Mantova Aps, Compagnia Ambasciatore Mama Mia by Samuel Hili, Cooperativa Alce Nero, Associazione Mistery Life, Scuola Senza Frontiere, CPIA _ Centro Provinciale Istruzione Adulti, Refugees Welcome Mantova and Il Cinema del Carbone; and exchanges of good practices with some national bodies dealing with immigrants, thanks to #INCROCI project (media partnership TeatroeCritica): Associazione di promozione sociale ASINITAS onlus (Rome) and Babel crew (Palermo).



Download the presentation of V.VISITORS


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