We are made
of matter, of flesh
rather than
of feelings,
and yet “blood runs through the veins”.

The theatre performance “TIPI” was born in 2016 from an idea of Teatro Magro’s artistic direction. The project consisted in five seasons and brought on stage more than 30 TIPI: people – not actors – interested in facing the stage, transforming their body in a theatre performance. The path was built as a gradual opening towards the outside, with the aim of meeting, knowing and being known. The first six TIPI were selected among Teatro Magro’s students. Every season the circle of participants broadened, including orbiting people and simple acquaintances, until the last season opened to people we never met via an open call, expanding more and more the anthropologic range offered by the project in its totality. The sixth season presents couples of real blood relatives (parent/child, grandad/grandchild, brothers, cousins and any other family relatives within the second grade).
The “tipi” are given a fixed grid of verbal stimulations, questions, affirmations, orders to which they respond in their own way, with words and/or physically, fully interpreting what they are offered. The source of the stimuli is the director, who steps in live to stimulate the “tipi” on stage and accompany them along a process of knowledge, analysis and synthesis that will never have the same length nor the same development. What the audience attend is performance that is always fluid, liable to changes and surprising for it is genuine.

project info and applications TIPI
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A “tipo” is a print, a character, a figure, a model, a specimen.
It is a sample, an example.
A “tipo” is
being a type of beauty.
A human scheme a multitude of subjects can be bring up to,
depending on their features:
longilineal or longitype,
brachilineal or brachitype,
extrovert or introvert.
TIPI is a grid of orders
that Teatro Magro uses to create a situation,
isolating the chosen subject.
The “tipo”
a representative
of human being
and it is presented as such.
The “tipo” can have value only if disciplined,
if structured in a system of orders.
The “tipo” is a figure in which we find represented aspects,
behaviours, manifestations
of a determined feature or quality.
An original type.
Any type.
We are made
out of flesh matter
before than
of feelings.

Tipo 1 | Sara S.
Tipo 2 | Fabio D.
Tipo 3 | Laura O.
Tipo 4 | Giovanna S.
Tipo 5 | Erina B.
Tipo 6 | Elia G.
Tipo 7 | Enrico F.
Tipo 8 | Enrica M.
Tipo 9 | Davide G.
Tipo 10 | Valeria D.
Tipo 11 | Valery H.
Tipo 12 | Laura F.
Tipo 13 | Luigi B.
Tipo 14 | Jonathan B.
Tipo 15 | Kati G.
Tipo 16 | Chiara O.
Tipo 17 | Valentina T.
Tipo 18 | Cristina V.
Tipo 19 | Valentina C.
Tipo 20 | Nicola C.
Tipo 21 | Patrizia S.
Tipo 22 | Cesare P.
Tipo 23 | Simone S.
Tipo 24 | Luca G.
Tipo 25 | Greta D. L.
Tipo 26 | Roberta B.
Tipo 27 | Lorenzo F.
Tipo 28 | Roberta P.
Tipo 29 | Cristina B.
Tipo 30 | Françoise S.
Tipi 31 | Renata M. Eleonora B.
Tipi 32 | Matilde B. Tommaso B.
Tipi 33 | Rebecca C. Rebecca C.
Tipi 34 | Carlo Z. Ferdinando Z.


direction | Flavio Cortellazzi
TIPI | perfomer
production | Teatro Magro
playwright | Teatro Magro e TIPI
set, light and sound design | Teatro Magro
costumes | TIPI
stage face | Alter Krapp
duration | around 35 min.



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