Talking Heads


A few words before starting
There’s life
In the depths of reason
In the sound waves radiating from a mouth
The plastic border offers
All the humanity of a dedication
It is the revenge of
Oral transmission
Of craftmanship of thinking
Who is behind it?
There’s trick
But not illusion

An installation in between museum exposition and performing art. A series of talking heads, conceived as a curatorial project, but staged with theatrical principles. A hybrid where what makes us humans the most is emphasised: thinking. An adaptable path, in a versatility of individuals composing various complete meanings. A mechanical serenade, a dedication to who actively observes, for an experience out of any stereotype. The performance calls for the installation of 9 mechanical heads, provided with a speaker and a sound sensor. Each head is entrusted to an artistic team that curated the playwright and direction work. Just like an actor, it is groomed, it has his/her make up done, and it is dressed up for the scene. But the only thing left of the actor is its voice. The audience is asked to applaud in order to start the monologue. An extreme act of faith towards theatre that, although passing through a technical filter, can’t give up the relationship between audience and actor. The access will occur along an established path, like in a museum. The entrance is regulated and staggered in small groups in order to avoid crowds and give everybody the chance to enjoy the monologues without obstacles.

It is advised for an audience older than 12 years old.


direction | Flavio Cortellazzi
an idea by | Teatro Magro
with | Anna, Babele, Dummy, Emme, .exe, F.F., Helene, Lenor, Ozymandias


Talking Heads

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