Opera Omnia 2


“Opera Omnia” is an artistic project willing to talk about the greatest authors and genres with a particular attention to the educational function of the staging. Consistently with Teatro Magro’s activity, the choice of a monographic structure allows to select and broadcast the most meaningful works of a single author or a specific trend developing dramaturgic focal points in several tableaus that respond to an original and alternative scenic interpretation.
The idea behind “Opera Omnia” is to select around ten of the main theatre works of an author or to choose the main influential events of a trend and to condensate them on stage for an easy reading. Not a simplistic shortcut, but a call for research to a more and more distracted audience, in order to reverse the process and move, rather, towards the will for deepening.

Disco-theca, a bookshelf for phonographic discs.
By extension, proper noun for Parisian nightclubs.
Par excellence, the genre that most influenced the others.
Disco is the circular way to understand music, the thinly carved vinyl track and the track where everybody, really everybody, dance. It is there represented the totality of the musical selection, the beat of a time that glistens even in the present notes. The escalation towards mainstream makes the temperature rise, the Saturday night fever. The rhythm pressures, the voices scratch.
Disco is night life, it is music flowing in trend, it is fashion mixing to the pulsation of the notes. Listen, dance, breath, all close together, the sold copies, a crumbling in a trail of glares, it is popularity baby. The circular fashion of meaning music, DISCO.

Theatre and disco were in the same temporal dimension reserved for amusement: but what are today leisure and amusement, for younger generations? What are we willing to do to feel alive?


direction | Flavio Cortellazzi
assistant director | Alessandro Pezzali
with | Francesca Annibaletti, Angelica Belladelli, Gioia Colombo, Silvia Cortellazzi, Vanessa Dalla Ricca, Fabio Dorini, Elia Grassi, Eugenio Negrini, José Andrés Tarifa Pardo, Agata Torelli, Elena Truzzi, Matteo Varini, Pietro Varini
light and sound design | Stefano Fornasini
scenic tableaus, music, script, costumes | Teatro Magro
production | Teatro Magro
duration | around 75 min.


Opera Omnia 2

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