3e14 | Infinito non periodico

“3e14 | Infinito non periodico” is a multidisciplinary show engaging adults and children in the discovery of objects of scientific investigation, constantly making questions in order to stimulate curiosity. Science education, theatre and multimedia merge to create a performance able to convey, thanks to the work of the actor, the audio-visual planning and the specific and structured study of lights, the wonder of discovery, the necessity of research, the effort of theory.

Everything existing around us, that moves, runs or stands still, not only would be incomprehensible without mathematics, but it was actually born from mathematics.
For instance:
3e14 | it is a mathematical ratio belonging to human being: it measures the ratio between the distance separating the big toe from the navel and the one from the navel to the top of the head.
3e14 | it is a ratio we find in nature: in the concentric circles created when we throw a rock in a pond, in the spirals of the shells, in rainbows. Invention and discovery.
The mathematical beauty, the harmony of numbers, the elegance of geometry.
Theory equals vision.
Demonstrating means showing.
Theorem literally means show.


direction | Flavio Cortellazzi
with | Agata Torelli
set design, music, costumes | Teatro Magro
video | Roberto Pavani, Matteo Codognola
technical set up | Andrea Manicardi
graphics | Barbara Rondini
scientific advice and distribution | Alkémica Cooperativa Sociale onlus
with the contribution of | Fondazione Cariplo
production | Pantacon


3e14 | Infinito non periodico

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