Teatro Magro began its artistic activity as a theatre group in Mantua, northern Italy, in 1988, under the artistic direction of Flavio Cortellazzi. Today, in a consolidated and structured way, it moves in the feld of “research and experimental theatre”, to overcome traditional spaces and boundaries. Teatro Magro dedicates its commitment in various areas, submitting a cultural, popular, social and educational offer, different and multidisciplinary.

Teatro Magro draws from everyday life by denouncing the stereotype, commonplace, rhetoric. All is permeated by irony that forces you to maintain a high level of attention and a critical observation, for achieving an independent, personal and disenchanted perspective.

These are the typical features of the Teatro Magro’s poetic point of view. Each work is the result of a teamwork in which all members combine their skills and experience, for a final product characterized by high quality and attention to details, in a constant process of innovation, attention to the contemporary, combined with the simultaneous ability to conserve and restore their style. A style of aesthetics, unique, well defined and easily recognizable, and above all, a substance essential, clean, straight to the content: “Magro” (slim).

Teatro Magro

Dirigo, dico #sì o #no, ho la fortuna di essere pagato per #pensare, o meglio #sognare e #farsognare

Flavio Cortellazzi

Regista, Direttore Artistico


Lavoro per @teatromagro e @TMtype con il ruolo di #attrice #manager #coordinatrice #formatrice tutto io tutto io tutto io

Marina Visentini

Attrice, Project Manager


Ego sum #actor and not addicted to #carbohydrates. Just addicted to #theatre

Alessandro Pezzali

Attore, Styling


José Andrés Tarifa Pardo



Al #computer, oppure dietro ad un #mixer #audioluci, esalto la #bellezza in ogni sua sfaccettatura

Stefano Fornasini

Tecnica, Editing


Vanessa Dalla Ricca

Attrice,Responsabile Laboratori


Fabio Dorini

Distribuzione Spettacoli


Silvia Cortellazzi

Attrice, Responsabile Comunicazioni


Andrea Manicardi



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